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When we founded Coderooms, we did so in the belief that anyone who travels, for whatever reason, deserved better.

In fact, we believe that in addition to traditional accommodations, everyone needs a stimulating space to find their own path, realize their potential or simply cultivate a dream.

This is how the Code world blossomed, giving life to a modern and unique space that attracts travellers, digital nomads and all curious spirits.

Noand our spaces welcome all types of travellers, guests and visitors at every stage of their lives, bright and open minds, those who love to discover new things and ask questions!


This is what we mean when we talk about a young and curious spirit.


Our guests come from the most disparate places and this has allowed Coderooms to evolve into a cutting-edge space where a real interconnected community resides


Happy (CO)

I love organizing trips,

 enthusiast of

 technology, photography and good food!

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felice covucci

Gera (DE)

Inveterate reader, I love traveling and adventure.

I especially love whale watching and the sea!

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Gerardina De Prisco
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