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Coderooms Firenze


Coderooms Florence is much more than a guest house!

When we founded Coderooms, we did so with the belief that those who travel, regardless of the reason, deserved better.

In fact, we believe that in addition to traditional accommodation, everyone needs a stimulating space to find their own path, realize their potential or simply cultivate a dream.

This is how the Code world blossomed, giving life to a modern and unique space that attracts travellers, digital nomads and all curious spirits.

In our spaces we welcome all types of travellers, guests and visitors at every stage of their lives, bright and open minds, those who love discovering new things and asking questions!


This is what we mean when we talk about a young and curious spirit.


Our guests come from the most disparate places and this has allowed Coderooms to evolve into a cutting-edge space where a true interconnected community resides

The founders

Dum differtur, transcurrit life!

We spend our lives making plans, claiming to know exactly what will happen in the future, as if we could really know, without realizing that life is actually a great unknown, where rationality and irrationality coexist. And, caught up in the anxiety of wanting to possess both time and space, we forget what it means to live in the moment.


We entrust to tomorrow what we desire today, we make sacrifices for this mysterious future that we don't even know what it will be like, whether it will make us happy, whether it will disappoint us. We cannot know, yet we firmly believe it.

We delude ourselves that, by doing this, one day we will be rewarded with everything we have always wanted to do, to have.


But, as the wise Seneca said, “Dum differtur, vita transcurrit” (While it is postponed, life passes) and we find ourselves adults, without that strength that made us capable of doing everything, tired. And those dreams, those youthful hopes are now just paper airplanes that will never take off.


And do you know why?

Because it is no longer their time, because many things have changed and we ourselves have changed.

This is why we say to you: live today!

Because it's really true that "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." 

If we continue to give greater value to tomorrow than today, we will not be satisfied by this life, we will always put off what can make us happy, just because we had foreseen something else in our life plan. But the point is that this life is so surprisingly and terribly unpredictable that it is not worth relying on such a fragile concept as that of tomorrow.

The time is now.

And it would be enough to understand this to live better day after day. But we are finite beings who always tend towards the infinite, what can we know? We only truly realize this when we lose a loved one. It is in that moment that we understand that the meaning of life is not in tomorrow, but in those 1140 minutes that are given to us every day. If only we had understood this earlier, our lives would have been different.

But there is still time to change things, to believe that happiness is possible, despite everything, to truly seize the moment, to live.

Gera and Felice

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